The campus entrance symbolizing a pile of bricks, brick-themed buildings, 1650-square-meter neat garden,
the best brick art works, and graduation photo zone are all within BRICK CAMPUS for you to experience.
All areas and art works in BRICK CAMPUS can be photographed,
so don’t miss out and take pictures of everything!


Using 2.8 million bricks, 40+ top-rated Korean/international artists created 250+ artworks
from small to large scales for BRICK CAMPUS.
The world of amazing brick art will be unveiled through large dioramas,
famous architecture, everyday items, characters from movies/animation, robots, automobile you can really drive,
mosaics depicting oil paintings, portraits… and the list goes on!


How you can enjoy the BRICK cafe's signature menu, 'Homemade BRICK burger'.
Step 1. Choose your own brick-shaped bread color in orange, yellow, black, blue, purple, and green!
Step 2. Choose your favorite patties among beef, chicken, and shrimp!
Step 3. Choose your drink matching your burger!
Enjoy the world’s most interesting dining experience with BRICK-themed foods.
You can enjoy this in two places, and .


First, I'm a brick artist! Make your own brick piece.

Large tables are filled with a variety of bricks, so anyone can create their own brick art work.
When you have finished your work, you can also take a photo and display it with your name.
We look forward to your wonderful, imaginative, and creative work.

Second, Experience brick mosaic.

You can make a portrait mosaic using bricks by taking a picture of your own face, or make a cute character with brick mosaic.
In addition, there is a large mosaic wall that is 17 meters in width and 2.1 meters in height,
so you can freely create brick pieces. You can draw anything you want to create using bricks.

Third, Experience exciting car races.

Create your own car with bricks and experience an exciting race.
It will be more fun to play with your friends to see who goes faster.

Fourth, Taking a photo.

Brick Campus has many of the best photo spots available to help you make a wonderful memorable picture.
You can take pictures with various texts in the brick 'garden of language', in the outdoor garden.
You can also take pictures at the graduation photo zone by the ticket office after you have finished the tour.
Be sure to take a cool shot proving that you've been to the Brick Campus.